Friday, October 18, 2013

Morning Light

Texte: With face more pallid than a daylit star – Rouen Place de la Pucelle by Maria White Lowell

Cadaverous tendrils of early dawn
Invoking light towards a virgin morn
Across the sleeping land where no life stirs
From slumber; resting gently as it goes
Until darkness to the light its hold confers
And in the gentle breath of love’s caress
That brings the waking of a morning kiss
With thoughts as dim as first light’s golden dress
That kiss the heart still yearns to never miss
And love, if it can think, must think on this
As senses waken in a drowsy yawn
Of all the kissing that in love occurs
There is no finer kiss as lips compress
And then say good bye to all that love knows.

© J Farmer 2013

Form: Ivorian Sonnet XCVIII 

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